Resorts world

We was rather disappointed  with our first and probably  only visit to resorts world. 

We traveled in by train and it is a good walk from Birmingham  international  station to Resorts world and as you arrive it looks really impressive  and quite pretty located right by a largish lake. 

Unfortunately  the shops were a disappointing  mishmash of reduced clothing outlets that even at super low prices could not tempt any of us, a rather high priced cookware shop, a Lindt chocolate  shop, a Next store selling end of line Lipsy clothing that was more like a jumble sale and a lot of food outlets. 

Quite gloomy in the shopping arcade it felt like half the lights were off, I’m not sure they were but I just felt quite like I was there when they were about to close. 

We had taken the children as the TV characters  Ben & Holly were there so there was a lot of families there but it still felt empty once you walked away from the crowds. Now I know discount stores in a quiet mall should be a great experience, but for us it just felt slightly creepy and deserted rather than relaxed.

Our dining experience at World Bar was also rather sad. It was full when we arrived, as I say lots of families were there for Ben & Holly. We had to choose the only empty table large enough to accommodate  8 of us and that meant we sat at a table that had obviously  only just been cleared, but once we sat down the staff didn’t bother to finish clearing our table. 

Gold ordered a Deer & Beer pie, expecting a venison in ale pie but was given a chilli spiced pie complete with kidney beans. The staff did ask if everything was OK and we voiced our complaints  about the Deer & Beer to be told ” it is somewhat spicy ”  but in all fairness they did take it away to exchange for another pie. Sadly the second pie arrived on a plate alone, no vegetables  or potato.  Return lonely pie to the kitchen for some veggies, Gold was then informed that they had run out of mashed potato.  Gold cancelled her food order, a refund was given.

The children’s meals were rather nice, a child’s portion of spaghetti  was lovely and went down really well, the child’s burger was a super looking burger, lovely and dark on the outside but still moist and tasty inside, although I did not like the salt being added to the child portion of chips.  

I had the chicken & leek pie and I did enjoy it, served with mash  and washed down with a glass of white wine it was  a nice tasty pie.

A real shame we did not like it at World bar as it is in a great location overlooking  the lake, our meals were very reasonably  priced  and my chicken pie was lovely. But in all honesty Birmingham  city center has better places without the effort of the train ride and walk. 


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