The Color Run UK

A blog post by Gold aka Sarah.14063744_10207054504382418_8152823696263986916_nWhen Red was asked to take part in this years Color Run, we looked at each other and smiled, this is going to be so much fun I thought to myself. In the car as we pulled up to NEC I saw the amount of people who were all participating and spectating and this was when I knew this was much bigger than I had ever anticipated. The huge array of different people was amazing to see, old, young, disabled, pushchairs and fancy dress. After parking we followed the trail of people to the starting hall. The atmosphere was fabulous, people smiling, singing and looking very excited.


In the hall we went to the media tent to receive our starting bags which included, T-shirts, transfer tattoos, head bands, wrist bands and some information sheets. While we were at the media tent I cheekily asked if my three year old daughter could join in and the lady was more than happy to set Lilly up with her starter bag find a T-shirt in her size, so we had 3 generations running together. Once all prepped and ready we joined the queue of  pumped up runners. The MC was awesome at getting the crowed warmed up and in the right spirit. From the queue we could see the Skittles tent which was one of the sponsors of the run, they were handing out tubs and packets of skittles to the runners and the spectators. A lovely lady who was cooing over how adorable Lilly looked gave her a packet of Skittles, Lilly  was completely mesmerised at the size of the crowd and the noises.


The organisation of the run was very well thought out and the marshals would let about 50 runners at a time cross the start line which meant the MC  had the attention of the runners to entertain before we set off. With chart music to dance to and body glitter being thrown into the crowd we were ready to run.

The first Kilometre was ran with ease, once we arrived at the first check point we all slowed right down to get the chance to have some red powder thrown on us. With  everyone laughing and giggling we set off to our next check point, at this point Lilly was tired so we did a walk all the way there but with the promise of some more powder she did very well. By the time we reached the second check point Lilly had decided she didn’t like the powder going in her eyes so she covered her eyes with the head band and asked if she could have some powder in her hand to do it herself the volunteers in charge of the powder were more than happy to comply with the very demanding three year old. 14045927_10207054505222439_9045998449733932736_n

Two kilometres from the end we saw the back entrance to the Capri Sun  tent, who were another sponsor of the run, we asked if we could have some juice for Lilly and the lady was kind enough to lean over and give her a pouch. The last two check points have a lot more spectators and with the finish line in sight we promised Lilly an ice cream at the  finish. Feeling pretty chuffed with ourselves and so proud of Lilly we got our bottle of water and bag of powder to throw over each other at the end. The finish line lead us in to a big gathering of runners and spectators with a DJ and some food and drink stalls and a line of porta- loos. We got some finishing photos, had a powder throw at each others and congratulated other runners. 14054584_10207054505862455_4062604221283396934_o

This was such an amazing day that I will definitely be attending next year. I left feeling so happy and excited. With the tag line of ‘the happiest 5K on the planet’ I can confirm this was the happiest 5k I have ever done.












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