Zen Metro Bar and Grill

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Zen Metro and what an impressive night.

We arrived on a red carpet to the VIP opening of this newly refurbished  hot spot.  Glamorous  ladies on hand to pose for photo opportunities,  oodles of lovely food and drinks and a buzzing throng of local people made for an excellent  evening. 


The food we tried was beautiful, a wonderfully fragrant Thai green curry was certainly my favorite. But in all honesty I enjoyed everything that was offered. With the wine flowing, lots of friendly faces, a saxophonist  and a party atmosphere I think I can speak for both of us when I saw we was blown away. 

Inside Zen Metro it is a cool and contemporary  space, much larger than it looks from outside.  Located on Cornwall  street it’s a prestigious  venue that has class. The long bar as you enter is large enough to cope with the very busiest of events and if you go all the way through to the very back the dining area seems more formal than the bar area at the front so it really is well designed.  I love restaurants  that use ‘proper’ table linens so that always gets a big thumbs up from me. Gold was more impressed with the decor which included a life size illuminated  tree. 

 I love the feel of Colmore district, I can’t put my finger on why I just enjoy the whole vibrancy of the area and Zen Metro fits in so well. You always know if you dine out anywhere in the Colmore area you will have a great experience so I’m really happy to report that Zen Metro fits right in with its lovely neighbours.Always on just the right side of posh, but never intimidating, it’s places like Zen Metro that make me very proud of the Birmingham  nightlife. 

Sadly Gold and I had so much fun (for fun read free wine)  that we forgot to claim our free VIP gift pack, which was a shame as we had had a golden envelope  offered to us but we said “oh we will pick it up as we leave” now why we said that really is a mystery, after all it was only an envelope. (I blame that free wine!)So I can’t tell you what treasures that golden envelope contained but I do know what is contained behind the unassuming  front of Zen Metro. A floor filling DJ, great food, friendly staff, nice toilets, a cocktail menu and beautiful interior. 


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