Frizzentti at Grand Central.

We love Frizzentti.  It’s a lovely, unpretentious  wine bar located in the heart of Grand Central shopping complex at New Street station.

We find ourselves drawn here at almost every visit to town, super fresh and fizzy wine  from the barrel means no drink disappoints. As well as the lovely glasses of bubbles Frizzentti also offer a host of cocktails and at some of the best prices in town.

Alongside the lovely fresh bubbles Frizentti also do cocktails, including cocktail of the month. I must admit the Wimbledon cocktail that Gold treated me to was lovely, although at our last visit I’m pretty sure it was Rio based cocktails available. As I said, cocktail of the month so it does change. 

Frizentti is a superb  place for people watching as the world and his dog seems to pass by.  Gold got on so well with one staff member that they ended up having a girls night out together, and I too have a soft spot for the adorable  Nellie.  But the staff here are super nice, pretty much as most places in the city. 

Payments are debit/credit card or apple pay, no cash. But I think the majority of over 18s have a debit card now don’t they?  Still it is worth knowing.

Gold and I both love the very elegant  long stemmed champagne  flutes, the glass really does make a difference  to the drink and these super tall flutes certainly  feel feminine and decadent. 

Nibbles are available,  by no means a meal, but bread,olives etc are a welcome snack if you stop a little too long. I’m sure a strawberry on the rim of your glass does not count as food, although it may well be one of my 5 a day! 

Gold asked for a glass of water and as there was three of us drinking wine or cocktails  (Golds sister,my other daughter was with us) and a glass of iced water was freely offered, that’s a nice touch, I’ve known places charge for this.

I love the Aperol spritz, but we both love the sparkling  white, the sparkling  rose is a slightly drier drink.  

Frizentti  is a great meeting spot especially  if you’re meeting friends from out of town. I imagine quite a few hen nights start here. I do know we shall keep returning. 

Frizentti is the meeting point for Red & Gold when we go to New Street station to meet anyone, with the illuminated  ‘FIZZ’ sign it’s easily recognised  and a lovely spot to while away time whilst waiting for people to arrive. 


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