Cannon Hill Park.

What a fabulous  space Cannon Hill park is. Acres of green space, ducks to feed, pedelos  to try your endurance,  a fun fair and lots of car parking space as well as children’s playgrounds.

As well as hosting various events like the Foodies festival and the German beer festival, we took the children when In The Night Garden was showing so it was very busy but we still found a car parking space. The sun was shining and it was a crowded day but we enjoyed a picnic and the geese enjoyed our left over salad and pasta.

Lilly-Ann posed as the little mermaid before we took a couple of pedelos out. Pedelos are much harder work than they appear, in fact they are really hard going. But we had lots of fun. My legs are short so for me to peddle I had to almost lay down, not ever so comfortable but  it was funny. At least I had my husband to help. Poor Gold took a pedelo and one of her children, with no one to help her she was  a bit wobbly of leg after her 30 minutes was up. The question “how do I know when my 30 minutes is up” arose, if you do not wear a watch then you know your 30 minutes is up when you lose most of the feelings in your legs.

The RSPB had a stall to get youngsters interested in nature and Lilly-Ann had fun collecting from her list, a soft thing, a spiky thing, a smooth thing etc and her reward of a sticker was enough to bring a smile to the face of a 3 year old. Children really don’t need much to make them happy, and hunting for conkers,feathers and pebbles was much more fun than it sounds and definitely  easier than pedelos.

We got soft drinks and coffee from the MAC before heading over to the fun fair. It’s only small and the rides are for little children. You get a card which you load with your money and just hand over your card at each ride.

After our visit to the fairground we started towards the exit, the promise of an ice cream helped get the two sleepy tots away from the children’s play ground.  There are a number of playgrounds dotted about the park and they have plenty of attractions for our toddlers. Although it was really busy as it was such a beautiful day,  I think I could enjoy Cannon Hill every bit as much on colder days when it’s less crowded. Just wrap up warm and enjoy. I don’t know if the funfair and pedelos finish the season in autumn  but I would presume  so, it’s still a fabulous  space.

Luckily there is an ice cream truck right at the gates between the park and the car park. We used this as leverage to steer the children towards home.


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