Afternoon tea at Park Regis hotel.

We decided to have afternoon tea at The Park Regis Hotel at  160 Broad Street Birmingham. 

What used to be an ugly building has truly transformed, this ugly duckling is now a fully fledged Swan.  

The foyer has a beautiful and huge chandelier  but once you get out of the lift on 4th floor that’s  where you can really appreciate  how swish this hotel is. Dark wood tables laid with proper cotton lines, huge floor to ceiling windows, white marble flooring, mirror effect wall decorations and very smart staff are all perfect indicators of what is to come. 

Our service was flawless and we were all mighty impressed with the choice of afternoon tea. We could have pre-booked a children’s afternoon tea had we known we was going. But we are impromptu and so children’s afternoon  tea was not an option for us, but is worth knowing about. There is also a gentleman’s afternoon tea option, again this needs pre-booking.

A genuinely friendly staff member informed us that a routine fire alarm drill was due to happen. The fire drill happened just as our tea had arrived, but safely evacuated and then returned to our tables we had replacement  pots of hot tea  to replace our by now cooler pots. The Park Regis own blend of tea is really nice and certainly  my recommendation  of drink if you have tea,  a glass of bubbly is also a great option if you wish to be a little more indulgent.   We also had a jug of fruit juice delivered to our table to compensate  for our intrupted  tea experience.  Our younger member had cried when we evacuated  as she thought we was leaving without eating, she is only 3 so the jug of juice was a lovely gesture. 

The sandwiches, warm scones and amazing pastries and cakes made for a truly delightful experience.  Afternoon tea always sounds pretty unfulfilling,  but we certainly had enough to eat. A selection of sandwiches including beef in brioche,  cream cheese and cucumber. All very refined and elegant. Warm scones, with a savory and a fruit scone each,  served with jam, clotted cream and lemon curd for the fruit scone and butter for the savory scone. But of course the star of a proper afternoon tea is the cake selection. Made in the hotel, perfect little macaroons,  tiny and delicate  eclairs, a chocolate  covered chocolate  mousse and a pretty Victoria  sponge  are amongst  the grand finale.

Our afternoon tea was a lovely girlie experience and something I would recommend.  So if you are looking for an idea of what to buy your mum, nan or favorite aunty, afternoon tea is a treat well worth indulging in. 


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